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A respected introduction agency for Professionals Only contacted me a few days earlier having read my book Beyond Sun Signs Know Your Man? YOUR RELATIONSHIP SURVIVAL KIT.  I was asked if I would offer some relationship tips to their female platinum members.

Must confess due to current time restrictions I had to decline on this occassion but thought a blog for all my readers may help. Now the heading of this blog is 'Why Women Get Dating Wrong' A problem which I see again and again.

 There is a reason for my book and that is a combined 50 years with Professor Mirza of offering Relationship Guidance. This book addresses common problems in the dating game- just click on the link above to read those pitfalls.

One very interesting point which is raised in the book is that people will show a false self in the dating game apperaring more emotionally balanced that what they perhaps are, however when comfortable in a relationship they can expose their negatives characteristics. Wouldnt it be nice if a person could be given some insight to a person even before the dating game begins!'

The drive to form and maintain caring interpersonal relationships is a need of all humans. On one side of the scale humans require relationships which provide stability whilst on the other side of the scale humans require that these relations provide a form of satisfactory interaction with others.
Where these two are not met humans can become unhappy leading to anxiety and more. It doesnt matter how much wealth a person may have their inner self will only seek to find the one person they can feel stable and secure with. A person to hear their inner voice-all the money in the world can never buy this. Wealth and success are always better enjoyed with the ones who are loved. Its all a bit worthless if there isnt anyone to share it with.
Only the most detached people who are likely to have not formed stable relations with their parents in childhood will probably show signs of detachment from these emotions.
There are a number of common mistakes women make during the dating process:


Why Doesnt He Call Me
In the early days of a relationship both parties will be expecting the other to call, it goes back to the IF he calls THEN he is interested in me attitude people have. Of course he or she may well want to take things at a slow pace, it doesnt mean that they are not interested. Have a read of the relationship page and the 4 attitudes towards relationships it may well answer this much asked old question.

Is This Relationship Just Sex
People attract on two levels, sexual attraction and 'how he/she makes me feel'. Some people hide what they feel very well whilst others want to jump straight in. My book explains how different signs behave towards sex. Some people are looking for deep level understanding before they want to get into bed but when the other feels that the bedroom is the key to getting closer, questions are raised about the true reason for the relationship. Again it goes back to each and every persons attitude to relationships combined with their personal zodiac traits.

Is It Wrong To Date Different People At The Same Time

It is entirely up to an individual how they choose to go through the process of finding their soul mate. Some people prefer to not keep all their eggs in one basket whilst others do. Some people do not want to commit so much time to one person during the dating phase. The key here is honesty and openess. Once the dating gets serious it is only fair to behave in an approproate manner at that point moving forward.

I Feel As Though He Is Not Interested In Me Anymore

Even the most dismissive people in relationships need affirmation about being loved. At times people can get lost in everyday life's chores and outside issues that they forget to say a few simple words which mean the most. Remind him /her now and agin without coming across as clingy or argumentative and it should do the trick. Bottom line if he/she is persistently dismissive without any apparent reason its time to sit down and assess whether the relationship has run its course.

He Says I Flirt With Every Man I Talk To

Do you do this frequently? Your harmless cheeky banter may be viewed as offensive by your partner. If the ball was on the other side of the court could you accept him flirting? Little misunderstandings create bigger ones. It is always better for like minded people to share a healthy relationship together. If on the other hand you are sure you do not flirt your partner clearly has insecurities. Ask yourself why? have you given him reason in the past or does he feel there is another man waiting around the corner to snatch you away? Understand your relationship and understand what your man truly thinks and what he says.

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